Here’s How Mugdha Turned A Health Concept Into Her Work

See how this entrepreneur is inspiring you to live healthier

Here’s How Mugdha Turned A Health Concept Into Her Work

39 year old Mugdha Pradhan had been going through a lot of health concerns, and was looking for answers that could help her lead a healthier and fitter life. However, when the regular treatment options did not give her any results, she started looking at some alternatives that could prove effective.

As she started researching more in this area, she found other simpler methods that seemed to be working, and one such method that seemed to make a difference was the food.

Mugdha is the co-founder of Thrive, which is a healthcare venture that helps you understand more about what you are eating and how it will affect your body.

What Led To Thrive?

According to Mugdha, “In my journey from 97 kg to 60 kg I tried many expert-recommended methods but nothing worked in the long run. It was only when I realised what was going on in my body that I was able to pinpoint the root causes of my weight gain. I started fixing those problems and lost weight too. I realised there were a lot of people stuck in the same loop of self-blame and hopelessness about their excess weight and I knew I could help them. That’s what prompted me to get into this space.”

Keep It Unique

“Our ability to get down to the root cause and offer solutions with personalized care is what differentiates us. We’re growing because we care and this is only possible with discipline, sincerity and persistence. Since our customers have experienced this first hand, they’ve become our most loyal brand advocates,” shares Mugdha.

I Wanted To Be An Entrepreneur Since I Was 4

Everything that you eat has a direct impact on your health and wellness
Everything that you eat has a direct impact on your health and wellness

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But Mugdha worked in the corporate world for about 14 years. While fixing her own health, friends and family started seeking advice for their health issues. They were willing to pay for it too, “and just like that I turned into an entrepreneur.”

I spent about a year in research before I launched Thrive, but the research is far from done because learning about health can never stop.

The good thing about having your own brand is that you can create a distinct brand voice, experiment and fail and create a vision for the brand that aligns with your personal values. You can engage with your customers and provide a personal touch. You have the advantage of knowing what exists in the market, what customers hate and how to position yourself as an alternative. Also, there’s a certain mystery around a new brand that can generate market interest.

But remember that it takes time to build a market reputation. You can lose potential clients to well- established brands and have to work hard and give time.

Using Networking To Spread The Word

Every second person we’ve signed up has been through referrals and word of mouth publicity. I’ve harnessed the power of technology, such as also spreading the word via WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for inspiration to start something of your own, even the simplest of things from your everyday life can be a trigger. See where your passion lies and use it.