Har Ek Co-Worker Zaroori Hota Hai!

Which type of co-worker are you?

Har Ek Co-Worker Zaroori Hota Hai!
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You will find all kinds of co-workers in a given workspace. In fact, you are one of a kind too! This has especially escalated in recent times as new generations like Millennials are open when it comes to presenting their true self or living their own personality. In older days, people used to control their conduct on the basis of their workspace requirements and were often robbed of the freedom to be themselves. But now, the character traits come out in flying colours and needless to say, it is great and welcoming change! And few of those kinds are especially irritating. We all belong to one of these *irritating kinds*. So which kind are you out of these-

The Nerds

Yeah, the nerds can be cute. But they are still irritating.
Yeah, the nerds can be cute. But they are still irritating.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Well any workspace would be incomplete and honestly, incompetent, without a proper nerd. Nerds are your school days suck-up kinds who had to win every competition ever. I want to say “Monica from FRIENDS” but I really don’t want to put her in a category. (I love her) Okay, coming back to the point, Nerds are this intelligent bunch of people who are also unbelievably irritating. They are here to work and win, that’s all. They will lick their boss’ ass if it comes to it. But well, you can run an office without them. Irrespective of how intolerable they are, they are good at what they do.

The Gossip Gang

Well, to just put it out there, EVERYONE in the office gossips. But then, there are always those who go overboard. These are the ones who breathe gossip. You slipped while getting off your bike last night? THEY KNOW IT! (And they are laughing on you for it) They feed on office drama, accidents, and all kinds of talks. They love to be the centre of attention! Needless to say, you should be very careful around them. God forbid your tongue slips and gives out some information; it will probably be the breaking news tomorrow!

The Good For Nothings

There is always at least one person in the office who does absolutely nothing or at least that’s what it looks like. This person will just sit around and look at other people going about their respective jobs. You have no idea why they are here and what purpose do they serve. The interesting aspect of this is that they are usually fun to be with and even have a good personality. And yet, they do nothing productive at work. You can always *use* them for a quick fun talk! Oh they are good at that!!

So I ask you again, which one are you?