From Specific Roles To Skill Set, See What This Recruiter Tells You Is In Demand

Here are some of the top roles recruiters are looking for this year

Here are some of the top roles recruiters are looking for this year
Here are some of the top roles recruiters are looking for this year

Are you looking to apply for a first job this year or are looking for a change?

The demands of the job industry change quite frequently, and while some jobs are much in demand one year, the next year can see another role being in high demand.

For the year 2020, here are a few roles that are already on top this year, say recruiters.

If You Are In The IT Sector, Here Are The Top Roles This Year

According to Kshitija Pradhan, who is involved in Talent Acquisition with a recruitment technology platform called HireaJackal and who has been in this industry for four years now, “Looking at the current trend within the IT industry, most companies are aggressively looking out for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, AI Engineers, Data Engineer, NLP Specialist and NLP Engineer.”

If You Are In The Field Of Data, Here Is What You Can Watch Out For

Yet another sector that seems to be quite in demand this year with various companies and the recruiters are the roles that involve working on data. Kshitija also says that data has become very important now, and if you are in a role that handles data in any way, you can be quite in demand.

Some of the roles that recruiters are looking to fill in a lot this year are in the areas of image data, audio data and even raw data. If you are one of those who can understand data and can get an analysis out of it, you will definitely be in demand this year.

Apart from this, Brand Consultants are also quite in demand this year, says Kshitija.

These Soft Skills Can Make You Stand Out To Your Recruiters This Year

Having a positive attitude and the interest in taking responsibility is a plus

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While the exact knowledge and experience you have can definitely help you get the role, there are other things that can have a positive impact as well. In addition to the industry knowledge that you have and the work experience, your overall approach and your personality can also have a very important role to play.

Kshitija highlights the importance of the same. According to her, “most companies are looking out for candidates who are innovative in their approach towards tasks, who have strong analytical skills and have the ability to multi task.” So make sure to show off a mix of your knowledge as well as let your personality shine through.

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