Five Ways You Can Go Green At Work

How to remain loyal to your eco-friendly rules when you are busy at work?

Five Ways You Can Go Green At Work

Many of us like eco-friendly lifestyle. We always carry cloth bags to avoid plastic bags when shopping. We care to save water and electricity. We even use organic products at home to go the extra mile.

But when we are busy following deadlines and filing reports at work, all those rules and thoughts go for a toss. We get so caught up in the busy routine that we forget that the plastic coffee cup can be used again.

Vinit Kothari, an engineer at Weatherford, is part of a group in Mumbai where everyone cycles to work. He says, “The basic motto is to save fuel and help the cause of environmental protection. Also I ride for a mere 5 km, and when I see people who cycle for 20 km to work, I draw inspiration from them.”

Vinit Kothari cycles to work in an effort to do his bit for the environment
Vinit Kothari cycles to work in an effort to do his bit for the environment

So, here are some ways to remain loyal to the environment even when you are busy at work.

Take The Car Pool

Thought it may seem a little inconvenient at work, start taking car pool options or the public transport to work. If you don’t have to rush to different places during the day for client meetings, then this is a good option as it is easy on the pocket and eco-friendly too. You can also speak to colleagues at work who stay near your neighbourhood whether they would be willing to try car pool.

Use Paper More Carefully

Use apps that allow you to make notes and to do list, instead of relying on notepads. Making notes on your cell or laptop during meetings also help you to integrate them easily with your planner and mails.

Carry Your Own Mugs

Avoid using the disposable cups and cutlery during coffee breaks and meals at work. You could start carrying your own mug. This can go a long way in adopting a plastic free lifestyle, even when you are in the office.

Read Documents Online

Avoid printing reports or documents. Switch to reading them on your cell or laptops. This may be a difficult transition for many who are used to reading hard-copies of documents. But if you need to only peruse something for your work, you could save a lot of paper by doing it in a digital format.

Spread The Message

If these things work for you, you could even crusade them among your friends. After all, it is better if more people start following these eco-friendly ways at work. Many of them may actually appreciate and take up these approaches, as going green is cooler among the millennials.

These work approaches will definitely help you to alleviate the guilt of environmental damage at work.

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