5 Things That Make You The Star Employee For The Boss

Some factors that make you stand out of the team on the work floor.

5 Things That Make You The Star Employee For The Boss
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If you have seen the series ‘Suits’, you will remember the iconic opening scene when Michael walks into a job interview by mistake because he is running away from some hooligans. And then Harvey is compelled to break rules of recruiting only Harvard graduates to take on Michael, who does not even have a law degree. And why does this happen? Because Michael has some qualities that make him an ideal protégé to Harvey.

Every good boss is looking for an employee who they can mentor and guide. But who this chosen one will be, depends on certain qualities. These qualities either ensure that you stand out from the recruitment interview itself or prove yourself on the job.

So, what are these qualities which will make you the star employee?

Having A Positive Attitude Towards Work And Life

Zainab Cutlerywala, a Human Resources Manager at Hats Off Digital Pvt. Ltd., lists out some essential qualities that bosses look for in an employee. She says, “A positive attitude to work is important. This means that you can overcome any obstacles without feeling defeated.” No one wants to work with an unhappy person. Negativity, unnecessary drama and melancholy attitudes can bring the entire company down.

Innovating On The Go

In this age when changes are happening at an exponential rate in all industry verticals, it is important to be adaptable to change. And not only that, you must be creative and innovative to come up with new ideas and resolves problems on a regular basis. This is an ideal way of thinking if you want to climb up the ladder.

Being Flexible And Hustling To Learn Something New

Zainab also places a lot of emphasis on learnability. She says, “A person should always remain open and flexible to learning something new, that will help the company grow and also add to your professional growth. It increases efficiency by saving time on rhetoric and repetition.”

Being a team player is very essential to deliver results on time
Being a team player is very essential to deliver results on time

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Working With A Team

It does not help to be a lone wolf, trying to do it all. When the boss wants to get things done, you should be able to delegate and work with the team. It is necessary to have people skills to make the best use of available resources. And this essentially means you have to be a team player.

Having The Confidence To Carry The Responsibility

And all the above skills are redundant if you don’t have the conviction and confidence to carry out the delegated responsibility. It is difficult for the boss to trust you if you buckle under pressure. They may need someone who delivers results, and you have to express that confidence required for this.

These are some of the fundamental qualities to stand out as the star employee in your organisation.