Five Apps That Help Millennials Plan Their Finance

Five Apps That Help Millennials Plan Their Finance

Are you tired of hearing about your bad money-management skills from your parents and friends? Does it frustrate you? Do you wish you had better money management capacities? Here are 5 apps that are helping millennials plan their finance in a never before way.

The Good Ol’ Days Of Segmenting Expenses – Mvelopes

Chances are that you have seen your parents keeping aside a particular amount of money in envelopes and putting them aside. The envelopes used to be marked for different expenses of the house like groceries, entertainment, education and so. While it seems convenient, but isn’t it a tad old-fashioned? But the, old wines taste better, and of course the bottles are new. The app called Mvelopes has used the idea of our parents and segment your expenses. You can create 25 different ‘mvelopes’ or categories where you can allot different amounts of money. When you exhaust an mvelope you either wait for the next month’s regular expense cycle, or refill. You can link the app with 4 different bank accounts. This app is available both on android and iOS.

Gather The Rewards For Overwhelming Savings – Birch Finance

The second-best thing of credit cards are the rewards that you earn through points. A lot of us have a tendency to get happy about rewards and encashing or exchanging something for it, but if used rightly it can save us quite some amount in a few months. Birch Finance is not a debt payment app nor a budget maintaining app. Instead, this app is an intelligent technology that helps your credit cards to be analysed with a database of rewards and show the best ones for you. This is a master app that helps you get the best of your credit cards.

Scared Of Investing? Moneycontrol To The Rescue

We all have that one or two friends who comes and talks about money that he made from investing in stocks or mutual funds. Although, we would like to do the same, we do not really know the basics and tips and tricks of investing. However, with apps that help you invest and make your investing decisions have made things easier. One such app is Moneycontrol. This app is an ultimate overview if you are thinking of investing. This is available on Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows.

Track All Your Transactions – Money View

Money view is an app that keeps a tab on all the money that you have. You can track all your bank accounts balances, investments, expenses in one place. This app also reminds you of upcoming bills. It is much like a personal finance manager. This is only available for Android.

Sharing Is Caring – Good Budget

Share you budget with your closed ones
Share you budget with your closed ones

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Good Budget app will help you understand your spending habits better. You can also share it with your partner or anyone whom you rely on with your finances. When you follow a pattern of your expenses you might work out ways to control them.

These cool finance-managing apps are helpful if you need to polish your money managing skills. Install them and start using them to your benefit.