Do You Want To Go To Work Like A Rockstar?

What happens if you wear your hair unconventionally to office?

Do You Want To Go To Work Like A Rockstar?

Kiran Chalke soon got used to the surprised stares and shocked expressions. She had decided to don a different and unconventional hairstyle. But things worked her way because she carries it with panache.

Unusual for a Real Estate Consultant, she cut one side of her hair really short and coloured them up with bold red. Kiran says, “Though people often think it is a weird hairstyle, I know I did it for myself. And mostly, people compliment me for carrying it so well.”

Kiran changed her hairstyle to express the change in her personality
Kiran changed her hairstyle to express the change in her personality

Complements is exactly what comes Mohita’s way too. Mohita Bahadur, a Manager at Vivaa Consulting, often changes the colour of her hair. When she streaked them with red and gold, people around her were surprised, but also commended her for her style.

It has been conventional to wear a hairstyle in a particular way at work. Some countries even have strict rules about it.

They even ran a five-part television series, ‘Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle’, exhorting citizens to choose one of several officially sanctioned haircuts. Hair should be kept 1-5cm in length and be trimmed every 15 days.

India has more flexibility when it comes to hair etiquettes. But with November beards and macho ponytails, even those traditional conventions are changing. Especially, in creative fields, it is fine to experiment.

Mohita changes her hair colour as an expression of herself. She says, “I like experimenting, though within a limit. If I know I will be able to carry a new style, I am someone who will definitely try it. Also, life is not static. Situations change and you change with them. I think styling is a good way to express yourself when you change and adapt to situations.” She thinks that her hair colour is a good way to express who she is.

Kiran too donned an unconventional hairdo to reflect the drastic changes that happened in her life. She says, “I was going through a really bad phase in life. I lost a lot of weight and my personality too underwent a change. I wanted to do something to express this changed me, and a haircut was a part of it.”

Carrying a different hairstyle to work is actually a great way to express your personality and make a marked impression. Mohita says, “It only looks awkward if you are awkward.” For Kiran her haircut has actually been a liberating change.

So, if you want to break the mundane routine at work, a haircut might be a safe way to do it if you are confident to carry it off.