Different Ways Of Saying “Fuck Off” At Work

Dear sir/ma’am, Fuck off. How we wish we could say that, don’t we?

Different Ways Of Saying
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As a working professional, I am sure you go through and handle a whole range of emotions and feelings at work. Sometimes, it can even be like an emotional turmoil but you just cannot make express it or make it evident at your workplace. What do you do then? Because sometimes all you want to say is “fuck off” to somebody and actually mean it. This is not just because you want to but in fact, because that person deserves it. This is where it gets even more difficult! But in any case, you cannot just use those words at a workspace if you really like your job and reputation. What are your options?

Sometimes A “No” Is Just As Good As Fuck Off

No means no. And sometimes no means just “fuck off”.
No means no. And sometimes no means just “fuck off”.

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So the folks at your workspace are really used to you saying yes to everything. You are someone who get things done. And yet, sometimes all you want is to be left alone. Sometimes you feel like you are overloaded with work and you need some time to lay off. And that’s when you’ll have one of your seniors on your head with more work for you. Your mind is screaming hundreds of “Fuck off” for this senior but you are by now trained to not speak your mind. Alright, you cannot say fuck off but guess what? You can say NO. Just say a firm no and also explain why you cannot take up the additional task. Do not change your mind. If they insist, say no again. That’s their cue to fuck off.

Ignore – Just Don’t Reply

Sometimes co-workers can really test the limits of your patience and you literally want to tell them to fuck off. But you can’t, obviously. So, the best alternative is to ignore them. They email you with a request or for a meeting? Just don’t reply. As shallow and unprofessional as it sounds, sometimes you just have to take this course of action. This is the only polite way to make them realize that they need to stay away from you. There’s nothing wrong in keeping distance from toxic people for your own sake.

Just Change Your Regular Tone / Language

Sometimes even a “ty” instead of a “thank you” works. Yeah work life is a lot like your relationship :P
Sometimes even a “ty” instead of a “thank you” works. Yeah work life is a lot like your relationship 😛

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If somebody expects a good morning wish from you everyday but something happened and all you want to say today is “Fuck off”, don’t say it. Don’t say anything. Break the pattern and they’ll know. If your regular mails contain a best wishes remark in the end, skip it in this mail and they’ll read between the lines.

Here’s my favourite- OKAY. Just say “okay” and wow, does it work? People expect you to be more cordial and more communicative. When all they get out of you is a one word “OKAY” or a one word “Thanks”, they feel something’s terribly wrong and realize what you mean.

I hope you don’t ever actually use the words “Fuck off” at work. But if you ever do, let us know! That’d be quite a story, no? 😉