Did You Ask Your Boss For Pizza Today?

Here’s why your boss may love you if you do so!

Did You Ask Your Boss For Pizza Today?
Image Credit: TV Series - Friends

How many times did you order pizza last week, or crave for it? And how many of those times happened to be on a weekday? The next time you feel your creative juices aren’t flowing, or you’re craving a pizza, ask your boss to order it for you all.

According to a study that was undertaken by psychologist Dan Ariely for his book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivation, offering free pizza to team members and colleagues at work can be a great way to boost productivity.

As part of the study, Ariely gave three options to the workers where the study was undertaken. The first option was a cash bonus, the second a direct compliment from the boss, and the third was free pizza.

In just a day of sending out the message, the third option of offering pizza came as the clear winner, and the productivity of the group who received the free pizza message increased by about 6.7 per cent more than that of the other group that did not receive any pizza incentive message.

The best way to get your own free pizza and eating it as well
The best way to get your own free pizza and eating it as well

Image Credit: TV Series – Friends

Shradha Nazareth, Managing Director at Little Miss Muffet, sums up the pizza mania perfectly. “Pizza acts as a compliment to man’s hungry mind and stomach both. Pizza from my boss delivered to my house can make me a hero in my family’s eyes!!”

So What Does This Mean?

  • Your boss hands out pizza incentives as part of your idea, and you get a bigger incentive
  • Your waning productivity gets a boost and you work much better
  • Your boss becomes super happy at your suggestion and gives you a bonus, plus you get another bonus as part of your improved productivity (if you didn’t understand this, please go just above and read point B)
  • All of the above – and this is of course the right choice here

While we can definitely tell you that the offer of a free pizza can do wonders to a tired mind and stomach, the choice of toppings is a completely different topic altogether, and this is where you will need to do your own homework.

For all it is worth, Dan Ariely chose to play it safe and did not talk about the toppings, which means now it’s up to you and your boss to figure that out!

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