How To Deal With The “Weaknesses” Question In An Interview

Ways to tackle “tell us your weaknesses”


Every job seeker dreads this question. And yet the question of “Tell us about your weaknesses” is the most predictable googly in an interview. It leaves many tongue-tied. Some fumble through, some remain silent with “err…” in their voices. Very rare are the ones who can win this question like a pro.

Here is how you can deal with the “Weaknesses question” and play it to your benefit.

The biggest No is lying. Never lie with this question, because it will take only a couple of more extensive questions to uncover your lie. Another worst way to answer is by disguising a strength as a weakness. Expert interviewers see through this move very clearly, and you lose a lot of credibility with it.

An instance of such a tragic answer is “I am such a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect. Not to mention I’m a definite workaholic. Everything has to be perfect and in place. It’s super annoying.” Even by reading this, you know how lame it sounds.

The qualities that interviewers are looking when they ask you about your weakness is self-awareness and self-improvement. So, the best bet is, to be honest. Take a weakness from past and show how you worked to improve it.

Don’t make it sound like you were talking to your counselor, but show in logical clear light how you worked towards improving and correcting yourself. You could carry it proudly like how some overweight celebrities lost weight since childhood. A classic example is the film “3 Idiots” where Sharman Joshi refuses to be manipulated and hence, impresses the interviewer.

By playing it right you can turn this elusive opportunity to your greatest strength.