Can’t Understand Your Work In A New Job? Do This

When in doubt, know whom to turn to

Can’t Understand Your Work In A New Job? Do This
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Sometimes you enter a new work role with the highest amount of confidence, but once there, it feels as if all you prepared yourself for is just not helping.

A lot of people find they are not able to understand the work properly, especially if it is the first job, or if you are still quite new in the job field.

But instead of giving up, or trying to act as if you know it all when you actually can’t make head or tail of it, can be a dangerous prospect, one that can definitely interfere with the way you perform.

So what do you do?

It’s Better, To Be Honest Than To Repeat A Mistake

Honesty in such a situation can be your best bet. If you don’t know something, and are absolutely unable to use the information and put it to your work, say so and tell your boss that you don’t know what is going on.

For instance, if your boss is talking about a certain project or briefing you about something, and you don’t understand what is happening, tell them you are not able to understand. Be honest about it right then and ask them to explain again, instead of pretending that you understood and then not being able to answer when the time comes.

Ask Others Around You

Build connections and talk to people
Build connections and talk to people

Preksha Seth is the Co-founder of Utopian Media, a full-service digital media marketing agency that provides effective digital marketing solutions for various brand challenges and has worked with names such as RBL Bank, Cadini, Siyaram’s Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd. and more.

According to her, just like the time when you move into your college life and meet new people, once you move into a work life, you build connections with new people too. Talking to your co-workers, your superiors and even your colleagues or those who are in other teams can help you understand your role in the organisation better.

Talk About What Someone In Your Position Would Have Done

Yes, the information is just a Google search away, says Preksha, but a personal account from a co-worker is much better than reading up about what someone in your position should ideally do to take care of the situation. That being said, reading up about your industry, your line of work and your role specifically, will help you take the structure and work process that you learn from your co-workers and put them to effective use in your individual role.

When you are in doubt, first try and talk to a colleague, and if you are not satisfied with the answers, speak to your boss directly. This will also show your superiors that you are genuinely interested in the work and want to know more.