Can Having A Tattoo Interfere With Your Employment?

Maybe it’s better to be safe than sorry, and play it smart instead

Can Having A Tattoo Interfere With Your Employment?
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It’s quite possible that you know someone who has at least one tattoo that you know of. Or maybe you’ve seen someone at your current or previous workplace who wore a tattoo to work.

However, if you’re thinking of shifting jobs, or if you are getting ready to apply for your first job ever, and also have a love of getting inked, the thought of whether or not having a tattoo can cause problems in your work interview could be something that bothers you.

While your body art does not talk about your professionalism or how you will handle certain projects, the truth is, not everyone is still open to seeing tattoos in the workplace.

There are no strict official rules that can stop you from getting a job if you have a tattoo, but sadly, corporates are still a little wary of hiring people who have huge tattoos that are easily visible.

Though not interfere completely with your work, it can still have some effect
Though not interfere completely with your work, it can still have some effect

Kshitij Roshan is the Account Manager for Digital Marketing with SRV MEDIA PVT LTD, PUNE. What he has to say on the topic will resonate with a lot of youngsters and even older adults, who share a love of getting inked.

Says Kshitij, “Having a tattoo definitely had a big bearing on your job prospects, but people are more accepting now, and while your tattoo(s) may not affect your career or job prospects, it may still create some impression on the person who is interviewing you. For instance, it could create problems for you in getting the job of your choice, especially if it is in a sector that is too formal and still looks down upon tattoos at work.”

How To Wear Your Tattoo To An Interview Or To Work

If you do have a tattoo, don’t get discouraged. There are many ways you can still make the interview about yourself and your work, instead of letting your tattoo distract the interviewers. Since you are not sure how the person may react, it is best to cover up as much as you can. Also, if you have a tattoo that may be perceived as offensive by someone, try and cover it up for sure. If you can’t do so with the dress you’re wearing, consider using makeup to conceal the art.