Be Assertive At Work Without Being Rude

This is one tightrope you should really learn to walk

Be Assertive At Work Without Being Rude
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Are you the one who always tries to be nice with everyone at work? Does it often mean that you end up giving in to others and feel short changed?

There is a clear difference between keeping your point across and making others understand and agree to what you want to do, as compared to being rude.

Your overall demeanor, your attitude and the way you express yourself has a big role to play in how you can make others listen to you, without coming across as someone who is arrogant and rude.

Be Confident In What You’re Putting Forth

Before you tell someone what they need to do, it is important that you are confident about the same and know what you are asking for is reasonable and required. Once you are sure about it yourself, you can put forth your views in a clearer and more assured way.

Having all the information will give you credibility
Having all the information will give you credibility

Rishi Piparaiya is an angel investor, mentor, and author of Job Be Damned, which has been recently published by HarperCollins. His mantra is to be prepared and has all the information on things that you are responsible for, as this will give you credibility.

Stay Calm And Control Your Temper

An instant way in which you can put off someone from listening to you is to lose your patience and get angry. It is natural for someone to not agree, but if you get angry and ask them to listen to you, this can only aggravate the situation and make them go against you. Being calm and explaining in a neutral and logical manner can help them see your point.

Polite And Firm Go Hand-In-Hand

You can be polite and nice, but also make sure that your tone is firm, and it is clear that what you are saying is not a request, but something that needs to be done. Be straightforward and honest about what you want to say, but use a flat and even voice, without going into a high pitch. Also, know when to say ‘no’ and be alright with it.

While you are trying to be assertive, remember that this is not a one-sided thing, and others will get their chance at speaking too. As much as it is important for you to make others understand what you want, be prepared to sometimes listen to them too.