Are You An Office Flirt? These Do’s and Don’ts Can Keep You Safe

Make sure you know the rules of office flirting before starting on the game

Are you an office flirt? These do’s and don’ts can keep you safe

Just because it’s Flirting Day today it doesn’t mean you have all the rights to go out and do as you please in the name of flirting.

Whether or not you’re at work today, office flirting is one of the most common ways young adults these days are in touch with their flirtatious side. It is natural to like someone at work, and some amount of flirting, done the right way, is actually healthy.

But cross the line, and you’re immediately at risk of being branded a creep and a perv, not to mention the amount of professional harm this could do to your career.

You don’t need to put on blinders yet, just remember these yes and no of flirting with someone you work with, so that everyone is happy, including you.


Read up about the company policy

This has to be the first thing you read up about the company, almost as important as reading your contract if you know you’re still in the market. Different companies have different policies, and while some are fine with office flirting and relationships, some do not tolerate it at all. If you can’t find anything helpful, get honest with your boss and ask about it.

Keep work as your first priority

Remember why you are in this office in the first place, or in any office for that matter? Because you are meant to accomplish some work for which you receive that pay cheque at the end of the month. Justify that money and make sure your flirting or your relationship doesn’t affect your work.

Keep your hands to yourself

Literally. It is fine to flirt with your words and actions, but make sure you keep your hands to yourself and do not show any signs of PDA when at work, or when in a gathering involving colleagues. Also, what may seem fine to you could be invading someone’s privacy.


Shower all your attention on the object of your desire

An office is all about team work and working together with different types of people, so avoid being biased and keep the balance.

You are flirting, but that does not mean you have to make it so obvious that everything you do centres around them
You are flirting, but that does not mean you have to make it so obvious that everything you do centres around them

Image Credit: Movie – Mad Men

Stop talking about it with everyone

No, this should definitely not be part of your office gossip or even something you potentially discuss with an office confidante. The more you talk about it, the more this will spread and come to the attention of the higher ups; something you should avoid.

Never with the boss, never

Always remember this one rule – no matter how infatuated or crazy you feel whenever your boss comes around, that is one person you cannot flirt with. Do not, period. Even if you ‘feel’ your boss likes you or actually has a crush on you, or has tried to flirt with you, back off. Don’t be rude, just play it neutral.

Your intentions may be right but you can’t control how your colleagues interpret your actions. Maintain the office decorum and keep your love life out of your work one.

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