All You Need To Know If You Want To Work With An NGO

And how to make a career out of it


If you’ve ever volunteered with some charitable organization or NGO and have felt the experience quite different and satisfying, you may have had thoughts about working with them a bit more.

A lot of youngsters, freshers and even those who are currently working in other corporate sectors are taking some time out to collaborate with NGOs and sign up with them. If you want to know more about how you can make a career out of working in an NGO, keep reading

India has somewhere between one and two million NGOs and there are about 40,000 NGOs that are operating internationally.

Before You Apply To One Of The NGOs, Know What It Is That You Are Looking For

Of course there are different NGOs that cater to different needs and sections of society, but the most important thing before you apply to one of the NGOs is to first know what you really want to do and where you want to make a difference. You should also do some research about the sector you are looking to work in with the NGO and see if you will be able to take it up as a long term commitment. While volunteering with an NGO means that you have to give only some amount of time, taking up NGO work as a career is like any other full-time job and you should only go ahead once you are fully sure about it.

Working as a volunteer with the NGO could be a good way to get hands on experience
Working as a volunteer with the NGO could be a good way to get hands on experience

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The Internal Work Structure Will Be Similar To The Other Corporate Offices

If you are looking to work for an NGO with a feeling that things will be different and you will have a laid-back and easy structure, you may be in for a shock. In fact, an NGO will also have the regular departments and work structure like any other corporate, it’s just that the work they do will be different.

Can Working With An NGO Actually Be A Career?

Yes, it can be, says Maniti Modi, the Co-Founder of ConnectFor, which is a non-profit technology platform that matches NGOs with volunteers based on the needs of the various NGOs and the skills of the volunteers. ConnectFor was co-founded by Maniti Modi and Shloka Mehta in the fag end of 2015 and they have a community of more than 7000 volunteers and a network of more than 140 NGOs. Maniti feels that as long as you are passionate about the cause, you can make a career out of working in an NGO. What you need is hard work and what you will get back, along with your monetary gains, is an immense amount of gratification, says Maniti.

For those who want to get a taste of working with an NGO, you can sign up on the ConnectFor website and list your skills and interests along with the causes that you want to work for. You will get some recommendation within 48 hours of registration and can take things forward from there.

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