7 Ways To Be Popular In Office Without Playing The Fool

A short and smart list to increase popularity in your office, without making a fool of yourself.


Remember the struggles of Ranbeer Kapoor in Rocket Singh, or the dull job of Shahrukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and his attempts to become more glamorous for his love? If you do not want to be the plain Jane in your office, there is a smart way to increase your popularity.

It is an added benefit to be popular among your colleagues and bosses. It may not get you the best seat in the cafeteria and or a gang of followers, but it is nice to be liked where you spend most of your daily waking hours. Only there is a fine line between being popular and being the office clown.

Here is a crisp list of 7 things you can do with panache to increase your popularity in office.

1. Let your performance speak

Let your work speak for itself. Do not display how busy you are or be the first to grab credit for a job well done. Nobody likes a show off. So do your job well and it will be noticed for what it is.

2. Punctuality is a good habit

Be on time and be prepared for meetings. People will respect you when you respect their time. The days when the last to enter a room was the most important person are over. Now, punctuality is fashionable.

3. Be positive

Positivity is psychologically appealing. Everybody likes a problem solver, instead of a cribber. If you have something nice to say to somebody, express it with a smile. People like to be complemented.

4. Avoid the rumour mill

Stay above the grapevine. Remember those who gossip with you, also gossip about you. So stay away from the gang of “Mean Girls”. This does not mean you bolt home after office, but that you network for mutual good.

5. Do not be a snitch

Do not throw your colleague under the bus. Be supportive and empathetic. Everyone likes a helpful team player, and even the bosses like someone with more integrity than a snob.

6. Keep personal away from professional

This is a golden rule to follow at work. Do not carry your personal problems at work. It is plain good manners to be professional and competent with your responsibilities.

7. A big NO to discussing Religion, Politics and Sex

These topics are polarizing and each is free to have their own opinion. You never know whom you may offend. You can always discuss these topics outside work with friends anytime anyways. Why open a can of worms at work?

These 7 tricks will make you the favourite among your bosses and colleagues. Good work will take you far, but popularity will get you there faster.

(Image credits- wordpress, Giphy)