7 types of annoying colleagues at work

Adventure with the people we encounter in office


All of us at some point or the other have had to work with people who irritate us enough to make us want to throw them out of the window. They come in all kinds of types, shapes and sizes. Here’s a list of some of the most annoying ones we often encounter:

1. The Loudspeaker

The cause of your migraine, this is the one who you can hear not just across tables and cabins but across towns. The one who thinks it’s a birthright to let the whole world know who he/she talking to and what he/ she are talking about. It’s a good idea to carry ear plugs or some cotton wool to block your ears if you have to deal with this type.

2. The Question mark

Actor Nawazuddin Siddique’s character in the Bollywood  movie, Lunchbox, where he keeps asking his colleague, Irfaan Khan, annoying questions like: “ Kaise hai sir?” exactly explains this type. This one, will always have a question ready for everything. The one ,who will interrupt you with questions, because they are not confident enough to do anything, unless they ask you questions 3-4 times on any given issue. This is the one you dread seeing messages from, since the messages are as lame as “Do you think it will rain today?” While you do feel like saying “Just gimme a minute am calling god to ask him,” it’s wise to tell them about Google search.

3. Blame Pusher

This one is faster than Milka Singh, when it comes to passing the blame on whoever’s nearest. He/ she will never accept their fault. The best solution is to try and sit as far away as you can from this type.

4. The Skunk

This one will probably be the reason you go into a coma someday, especially if you have to inhale their body odour day in and day out. Suggest everyone in the office to gift this person a full year’s supply of deodorants as a birthday gift.

5. The Sniffer Dog

This one goes around sniffing for gossip or just likes to go sniffing around to see what others are doing.  This sniffer however is not as useful as the famous sniffer dog, Jerry lee in the movie K9. Even though you aren’t a criminal, beware of the sniffer dog.

6. The Grandfather Clock

This one is a walking and talking grandfather clock. All the conversations revolve around time like: “Is it 11 o’ clock already?”  Or “Only 20 minutes left to lunch” or “I am going out for a 10 minute loo break.”  No wall clocks or watches are required if you have this type around.

7. The Indian Idol

This is the one who probably missed the chance of being on the Indian Idol show or thinks he/ she is the next Arijit Singh/Shreya Ghoshal in the making.  Whatever it is, this type can make your life miserable by singing out loud along with the music they are listening to on their headphones.


( picture Credit : Giphy, pixabay)