6 Must-Have Tech At Work

Increase your productivity with these neat gadgets


Whether you accept it or not, your workplace becomes a home away from home since the day you take up your new job. And even though you make new friends there, there’s no denying the fact that work gets very boring sometimes. And visiting social media sites is not always an option since many offices restrict access to these websites these days. But they certainly cannot stop you from making your desk a more beautiful place. We’ve brought you a list of 6 must have tech that are sure to increase your productivity at work.

Cyanics Desk Organizer

(Image credits: amazon)

With this in your shopping cart, you will never need to worry about searching for anything on your desk again. Not only does it have divided compartments for all your stationary, but it even comes equipped with 3 USB ports, a multi-card reader, a cup holder, a phone stand and much more. Just place it in front of your PC and you’re good to go.

USB Coffee Warmer

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Let me guess! You never knew you needed this until you read this post, didn’t you? How many times have you been so busy that you’ve forgotten all about your coffee and let it go cold. With this little gadget by your side, your coffee will be at drinkable temperature in minutes. And you wouldn’t even have to trouble your office boy again.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

(Image credits: amazon)
This is a pretty interesting concept. Made from real salt rock found on the foothills of the Himalayas, these lamps essentially clean the air around you. In a sense, they look after your health, even as you continue to manage your busy schedule.

Cable Drop

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Cable management is frustrating, which is why a solution like CableDrop will surely light up your eyes. It’s a pretty simple concept. You stick these little things at various locations on your desk, and have important cables pass through them. This way, finding your charging cable will never be an issue again.

USB Email Notifier

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You ask someone to mail you something, and then you keep refreshing your inbox again and again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get on with your other work, and get notified about your email in a fun way. Once connected to your PC’s USB, this mailbox-shaped gadget opens up its door when a message arrives. Moreover, it also acts as a USB hub by offering three ports.

Arlo Security Cameras

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If you have kids or pets at home, there’s no better way to keep an eye on them than Arlo’s security cameras. These tiny devices can be attached to your walls easily, and they will give you a continuous live feed of your home on any device of your choice. There will hence be no need to keep calling your kids or neighbours all the time.

These few gadgets are great for anyone who has a job which involves sitting at a desk for hours on the trot. So go ahead and check them all out.