5 Things You Should Never Discuss With Your Boss

Here are topics you should never bring up while talking to your boss.


Even if you work in a cool work culture, and may have friendly rapport with your manager, there are some things that you should not approach while talking to him. Disturbing deep waters is not a good idea. And this is more important to have a secure job, credible image and pleasant work culture, as you spend most wakeful hours at work.

Here are 5 things you should never discuss with your boss.

Performance Appraisal

This does not come off well, even if your intentions are clear. It may appear as too inquisitive or curious,  as if you are trying to influence the appraisal. Also, let your work speak for itself, rather than you talking about it. Discussing someone else’s appraisal is just too shallow to be mentioned.

Confidential projects

Never be the first to broach this topic with your boss. If they want to discuss it, they will initiate the topic. It is called confidential for a reason, and there may be someone present who should not be knowing about it. So maintain the sanctity of company business.

Religion and Politics

Never bring up topics that are matters of personal belief. While there are a lot of potential times when you need to indulge in small talk with your boss, you should keep some things strictly out of the scope of these conversations.

Your partner’s income

In fact, your boss should not know any detail of your personal life. Where you plan your Sundays, to your nightlife, to your partner’s income. For instance, if your partner earns well, it will demotivate your boss to give you a raise. If they know of your plan to take a trip next month, they may keep you off important projects. Keeping personal and professional different is just not a cliché, it is an essential rule when talking to your boss.

Career opportunities

If you are moonlighting as a writer or cartoonist, or searching for another job, your boss should definitely not know about it. You can go for another interview by filing an application for a sick leave. You can lose your boss’s trust if they know your career goals lie outside the organization.

So, be diplomatic with your boss. Does not take much to be nice to them. Just avoid talking about these 5 things.