5 Ideas To Disagree With Your Boss Safely

If you need to confront your boss, here are 5 tricks to do it safely.


Like Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada or Kay Kay Menon in Life in a Metro, your boss may be wrong sometimes or many times. If you need to disagree with some of his or her ideas, it can take a lot of nerve to do it properly. After all, he is the boss.

But here are 5 safe ways to speak up to your boss.

1.The Right Moment

Wait for the right moment to take up the issue. You can send a polite mail asking to schedule a meeting. Do not barge into her office dramatically and keep the HR out.

2.Prepare well

When you finally meet him for the talk, prepare well with your point of view. Remember you are not heading for a conflict, but a conflict resolution. Do not get defensive, it might actually turn out to be smoother than you apprehend.

3.Remain calm and confident

If you are prepared well and sure about yourself, then remain calm and assertive. It will help you to articulate yourself with clarity and without fumbling under pressure. Do not repeat yourself and speak in a logical manner.

4.Choose your words wisely

It all comes down to what you speak. Do not take a tone of complaint, but one of discussion and exchange of opinion. Playing a safe game is better than putting the boss in a corner.

5.Be proactive

Be articulate about the solution too. There is no point in going into a confrontation without a way out. Even the boss may appreciate a thinking and speaking mind.

With these handy tips, you will feel more confident to take up an issue with your boss if you disagree with him or her.

(Image credits- hercampus, giphy)