5 Excellent Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People


What is Emotional Intelligence? And why is it so important? Here are 5 tips to super Emotional Intelligence.

Since a few years, Emotional intelligence has become the buzz word as a necessity for true success and real happiness. People are writing books about it, video bloggers are making a career out of it and millions are spending big bucks on acquiring it.

The irony though is that Emotional Intelligence is as old as civilization. It only gained popularity after psychologist Daniel Coleman identified the different aspects associated with it in his book by the same name in 1995.

So what is Emotional Intelligence? It is something as simple as dealing with your own and others’ emotions in a way that is efficient and empathetic, so that the emotional energy is directed towards positive outcomes.

Despite its simplicity, it is difficult to apply emotional intelligence in routine life. Here are 5 habits of highly emotionally intelligent people that have helped them succeed in personal and professional life.

1. Introspection and self-awareness

It is good to take a few minutes every day to analyses your own thoughts and feelings. This will help your to remain calm and not get overwhelmed by the stresses of routine life. It will also help to communicate better with others. Introspection will also help to direct your life and career in the right direction.

2. Empathy

Walking a mile in somebody else’s shoe will help you understand their perspective. Negative emotions only arise when we views others through our own prism of prejudice and assumptions. Empathy helps us to see the holistic aspect of any situation and take better decisions. For instance, Princess Diana, known for her radical stands and rebel against established traditions, is known to have shaken hands with an HIV patient in the times when it was understood to be contagious. She understood the prejudice and fought it through her actions.

Emotionally Intelligent Person - Princess Diana

3. Taking it easy and alert

People with high emotional intelligence are not easily wavered with problems. If you look at obstacles objectively and are able to find potential solutions, then you will think of hurdles as opportunities. Not muddled by difficulties, you will be able to stay alert for potential problems and always have back-ups for any plans. This way you will always have control over situations. The Martial Art legend Bruce Lee is known to have said that one should be a calm beholder of what is happening around us.

4. Curious

Emotionally intelligent people never stop learning. You have to pick up new skills and gain knowledge every day. You need to keep updating your skill sets and not fear asking questions. Meeting new people and keeping track on news is also a good habit.  You have to be humble to accept that knowledge is never enough and learning is a life-long process. Geniuses like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk achieved their success because they are forever curious to learn and innovate.

Emotionally intelligent person - Steve Jobs

5. Finding the right balance

This could easily be the crux of attaining emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent people always maintain a balance between work and family, professional and social commitments. You should never be carried away by extreme resolutions. You have to accept their your own limitations and set realistic goals.

These 5 habits guarantee of a successful and happy life. Try them and let us know your views in the comments below.

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