4 Things You Can Negotiate When You Relocate For Your Job

Did you know your rights when you relocate for your job?


Relocating for a job, even if it is for a very good opportunity, can be a difficult experience. You might be leaving your family, friends and partner behind, and preparing to move to a new city. You may have to cope with a new language, cuisine, and work culture.

So, are there any perks to relocating for a job? Here are 3 things you can demand from your organisation as a basic facility.

Reconnaissance trip and temporary accommodation

You can ask your company to compensate trips to the new city with your family, so that they may be better able to decide whether they agree with the move. You can also demand temporary housing, for initial week or a month, so that you can scout for residence in the new city.


You can also ask for assistance in packing and moving your luggage to the new place. If your employer has a relocation package, make sure you know exactly what it entails. Some arrangements only cover the physical transportation of your home goods, while others may include the actual hand-packing and subsequent unpacking.

Stipend for miscellaneous expenses

You can also ask for unforeseen expenses and contingent fund. Deposit for the new house, brokerage and the rent for the first month are some expenses that might be required to be compensated immediately. You can also ask for compensation leaves during the process of shifting.

Dearness allowance

You can also ask for a form of dearness allowance to account for the change in expenses in the new city due to its market factors. If there is a probability of added expenses due to inflation, or the market conditions of the new city, you can ask your company to compensate for the same.

With these work hacks, relocating for work can be made a smoother process.

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