3 Fitting Reasons For Leaving A Job

You can't just leave a job without any reason. Actually, you can. But you shouldn't.

3 Fitting Reasons For Leaving A Job
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It’s a great idea to grow in life. To make progress and climb on the upper echelons of achievements. After people spend considerable time at a particular job, they start searching greener pastures, with a higher pay that complements their experience.

However, if you are actually searching for a job, it is better to first figure out what you will be saying to your current employer. Plan them in advance, and you will have a comparatively easier time in getting off.

We have three great options, or excuses, if truth be told that will be a lot of help for you for job-leaving-


Switching over the stream is a great option when you are submitting your resignation. Telling your employer that you have gained a good deal of skills in your current role and now want to explore something new can definitely block your employer for words.


When better opportunity calls, you got to answer.Image Credit: Unsplash.com

For the people who are involved in jobs that require them to stay away from their families, this is one great option to leave your present job.

Explaining your current employer as to how the new opportunity will help you stay closer to your family, helping you spend more time with them. The new opportunity will also have a lot of perks and flexibilities which were not on offer in your current job.

Works! You can always give that a try.


This is a fool-proof way, in fact, it’s one of the safest excuses to leave a job. No employer is going to pressurize you to stay if you find yourself unfit to work in the office. And no employer will actually come up and check on you if you are resting in your home or working at an office where everything is simply so much better.

Three excuses, three tips or three hacks. Call them whatever you want. That’s it!