Why It Is Fine To Overdress

Justin Trudeau and his family dressed up on their India visit, and why we should not mock it

Why It Is Fine To Overdress

Justin Trudeau’s India visit has been in the news for many reasons. How Modi snubbed him? How he was left alone by government functionaries? How the Bollywood made up for it? But also, among the meme-makers for his overdressed wardrobe.

But why should he be mocked for overdressing? It is fine to dress like we want. Sometimes they mock Priyanka Chopra for showing her legs to Modi. Sometimes they mock Trudeau for overdressing.

Those clunky necklaces that Indian women wear to prove their intellect, or the glasses that a fresher wears to be taken seriously. The Kolhapuris chappals that prove you are a liberal, or the need to wear a Parker in your pocket to show you are a professional. All these are accessories to fit in.

Arvind Kejriwal has been mocked enough for his muffler and cap. But remember the gold embossed suit that Modi wore to America? The one that was auctioned for 4.31 crore rupees? No one mentioned over dressing then.

Modi wore a gold embossed suit on his American visit
Modi wore a gold embossed suit on his American visit

Image Credit: rediff

And how everyone likes Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for suiting up? What about over dressing for a Saturday night party? Or when Baywatch’s favourite Pamela Anderson rocked the saree at Big Boss?

People also have a problem when some do not dress according to protocol. No wonder the IT folks love their casual Saturdays, when their college T-shirts get some airing. And everyone looks forward to the Red Carpet looks before every award show.

So, why mock the friendly Trudeaus for liking their Indian wardrobe? Like Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

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