Three Things To Know Before You Try Bungee Jumping

Three Things To Know Before You Try Bungee Jumping
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The air swishing past you, the free fall, the momentary absence of feeling your weight, and the adrenaline rush are a heady mixture that attract many to try bungee jumping. So many of us have seen exciting videos on YouTube or from our friends who have tried bungee jumping. It does sound exhilarating.

But as much fun as it is, bungee jumping is not for the weak or the faint-hearted. It is an exacting adventure and you need to be aware of a few precautions before you sign up for the sport.

In India, bungee jumping is conducted at Mohan Chatti in Hrishikesh, Ozone in Bangalore, Lonavala, Goa and a few other places. But ensure of the following precautions before you try the leap at any of these places.

Safety Should Be A Priority

The persons conducting the sport should be trained in it. It is high-risk jump, and for those moments, your life is in the hands of professionals. For instance, at Hrishikesh, the people are trained in New Zealand. International guidelines need to be followed in designing platforms, conducting drills on the site, and ensuring other standards of safety. So, research a little about the place before you sign up.

The people assisting you in the jump must be trained professionally to ensure your safety

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Bungee Jumping Is Not For The Weak Hearted

Since the activity is extreme in nature, it is not recommended for people with the epilepsy, heart condition, high blood pressure, back or neck injuries or recent fractures. It is also better to train your mind for the jump, so that you don’t spend the time in fear, but actually enjoy the thrill of the fall.

Avoid A Jump In Monsoon

Although bungee jumping can be tried at any time of the year, it is better to avoid it in the rainy season. Heavy winds or rains can spoil the experience, besides increasing the risks. Also, other adventure activities conducted at these places are closed during monsoon, so you might miss out on them.

So, if you want to exact the maximum thrill for your bungee jumping experience, note these precautions beforehand.

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