Things To Know For An All-Girls Trip

What to expect on an all-girls vacation


It can be super-fun, only your besties on the road. All the time to talk, to shop and to relax. You can pretend to be the divas from “The Sex and The City”, and expect a gala time on the road.

But this road can be bumpy with an all-girls gang. Whether you’re trying to go somewhere exotic and a little pricey, or you’re just trying to do something simple and inexpensive, actually planning a girls’ trip is one of the hardest, most stressful things ever. Here are some hurdles to avoid.

Share the work

An all girl’s trip can become a lot of work for the initiator. It is expected that she solves all problems, and ensures a smooth journey. So, it is better to delegate roles, ensuring that all girls have fun and one person does not become a mother for all.


It often happens in group travel that each one exceeds the budget set for the trip. So, pre-planning and setting realistic budgets is essential before the fun begins.

Get the right look

A girl’s trip is a selfie-fiesta. It is necessary to select the right wardrobe and definitive look to look the best in each selfie. With the right choices you can hit the perfect balance between comfort and style on the trip.


Monica from “Friends” may be right about having organised fun. Ensure the vehicle is in a good condition, the tickets and hotel bookings are confirmed and all the other logistics are in place.

Girl power has found a new definition is all-female travel plans. It is fun, safe and enriching if done the right way. So, gather your girl gang, and hit the road.