Long Weekends In June To September And Places To Go

July is a damper, man!

Long Weekends In June To September And Places To Go
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First, take a quick look at the long weekends till September
June July August September
15th – Eid-ul-Fitr Sorry, peeps! We did not have a hand in it! 15th – Independence Day 1st – Saturday
16th – Saturday 16th – Apply for leave on Thursday 2nd – Sunday
17th – Sunday 17th – Saturday 3rd – Monday
18th – Sunday 13th – Ganesh Chaturthi
14th – Apply for leave on Thursday
15th – Saturday
16th – Sunday

Places To Go From Delhi


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This is a place where you can go for paragliding, trekking and some amazing scenic beauty. The little town perched on the hills is known for its colonial heritage, and places of religious interest. Some colonial architecture can also be seen here. Some places to see in Mussoorie are – Lal Tibba, Lake Mist, and Kempty Falls. The distance from Delhi is around 280 Km via the Saharanpur-Delhi Road. The nearest railway station is the Dehradun Railway Station.

Places To Go From Kolkata


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If you dislike the rush of Bolpur during Poush Mela and Dol (Holi) Utsav, and could not go after that as you wanted to avoid the blazing heat during summers, monsoon is the time. Bolpur resonances silence, away from the cacophony of Kolkata, probably why the nobel-laureate Tagore chose it to set up Shantiniketan, attracting students from all across the globe. This one will make for a rustic holiday, with the melodious Baul songs combined with the chirping birds. It is about 163 Km from Kolkata. The nearest railways station is in Bolpur.

Places To Go From Bangalore/Hyderabad


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Take a vacation for a French flavour to Pondicherry. The best time to visit Pondicherry is during the monsoons. So, voila! Set on for Pondicherry for some serenity. The cleanliness of the town is not something that you would come across easily in other Indian cities. That’s a bitter lie. Enjoy the beach. Visit Auroville and the beautiful churches. Pondicherry is about 311 Km from Bangalore and 368 Km from Hyderabad

Places To Go From Chennai


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Travel a distance of about 545 Km from Chennai to reach Meghamalai. Not too crowded like OOty or Kodaikanal, Meghamalai displays wavy hills. The Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is a place that you might want to visit. Monsoons brighten the shades of green in the place. You can have a leisurely stay at Meghamali before you go back to the commotion of the city.

Places To Go From Mumbai/Pune


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If you are going to Igatpuri, take the roads. The road offers amazing views. When you decide to go to Igatpuri, you are also choosing to cut yourself from civilisation for a few days. This place is where you can see rivers, valleys, lush greeneries. As you go away from civilisation you will only find yourself more connected with nature.

Happy long weekend, folks!

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