Jawai: A Town Where Leopards And Humans Live In Harmony

Jawai: A Town Where Leopards And Humans Live In Harmony

Not many know about this small little town at the hills of Jawai in Pali district of Rajasthan. Also known as the Leopard Hills, it is probably the only place in India where the leopards roam freely and also live in harmony with humans!

Unbelievable right? But that’s true if you want to watch the leopards up close, then Jawai in Rajasthan is the place to head to. It’s the best place to spot leopards easily since they roam about freely in this little hill town. You might just end up befriending some of them! If you are lucky enough you might even spot them lazing on the steps of the temple in Jawai.

Want to make some leopard friends?
Leopard outside the temple

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This is also the only place in India that has the highest density Leopards. The Jawai Hills is also home to Indian wolves, sloth bears, Indian striped hyena, antelopes, and other wild animals and migratory birds like geese, cranes, and flamingos.

One can stay at the Jawai Leopard Camp where there are some luxurious tents for people to stay in along with authentic Rajasthani cuisine that you can relish.

Luxury Tents
Luxury Tents

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Besides the leopards, there is a lot more for the tourists to see like the
Devgiri Cave Temple which is located midway up the Jawai hills. The temple is dedicated to the mother goddess of the hills, Ashapura Mata who people believe guards the entire village.

Jawai Bandh
Jawai Bandh

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One of the biggest dams in the western Rajasthan state, the Jawai Bandh is built across the Jawai river in Pali district. One can visit the Jawai Dam crocodile sanctuary where they can spot Indian Mugger crocodiles.

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