How To Reduce Flying Fatigue On Your Next Travel

Try these tips to avoid dull skin, puffy eyes and reduce excessive fatigue

How To Reduce Flying Fatigue On Your Next Travel

Ever wondered how your favourite celebs always manage to look so wonderful even when they have just arrived from a long flight travel?

Well, if you’re going to catch a plane soon for your next destination, you too can manage to beat the stress and fatigue of flying and try out a few of these tips that will not just make you feel better, but also make you look better once you reach the destination.

1. Take A Walk Down The Aisle

No, not with your partner necessarily, but get up once the seat belt signs are off and take a walk once every 30 minutes, especially if you are on a long flight. This will help the blood circulation and will keep your skin from getting too dry or dull.

2. Use A Dry Shampoo For Those Tired And Dull Tresses

Singer and actor Katy Perry swears by her travel sized bottle of dry shampoo that she feels helps to give her hair some lift and texture. When your hair is exposed to the air conditioned interiors of the flight cabin, it can rob your strands of the essential oils and make your hair look dull, lifeless and even especially frizzy.

Use a dry shampoo when you’re about to touch down to smoothen any frizz

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3. Have More Water And Less Caffeine

It is no secret that the cabin air will make you feel tired as you spend more time in a closed space without fresh air circulating. Also, this tends to make your skin look dry and dull. However, instead of reaching out for a cup of coffee or aerated drinks, sip more on water instead. This will keep you hydrated, will make your skin look fresh and keep you alert instead of feeling sleepy or cranky, while caffeine based items will rob your body of hydration.

4. Use Oil Therapy

Did you know that applying a few drops of oils such as almond oil or even sesame oil at the back of your ear can prevent an episode of sinus on the flight, while applying a few drops of lavender oil on your temples can prevent migraine attacks?

In addition, get a good six to eight hours of sleep the night before your travel, so that your body is not starved of the essential healing hours.

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