7 Travel Films That Inspire The Wanderlust


7 movies for the wanderlust in you.

It is rare but some films, books and music touch your soul on a deeper level and evoke the innate wanderlust. You come closer to the character and see yourself reflected in their experiences.

Here is an alternative list of 7 such films that will compel you to pack your bags and escape into the wider world for real realities and surreal experiences.

1. Into the Wild

This biographical film is the true survival story of based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America, and tragic culmination of his travails in Alaska. Directed by Sean Penn, and adapted from the book written by Jon Krakauer, this film will take you through Christopher’s emotional and spiritual journey as he discovers his own self enroute.

2. Dil Chahta Hai

The debut film by Farhan Akhter, while talking about friendship and love, started the cult of road trips in India. 3 friends embark on a spontaneous trip to Goa, and their personal experiences come to shape the nuances of interpersonal relations. The film has subtle references to evolving emotions in life like Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Dream Within A Dream” when Sid comforts Deepa about trying to grasp the grains of sand in one’s hand. The picturesque depiction of Australia in a song is also an inspiration for ramblers.

3. Motorcycle Diaries

This movie is an epitome of how one single journey can shape your entire life. It is the biopic of a young boy who took the road and the experiences of his journey shaped his philosophy when he went on to become famous world over as Che Guevara. It is a coming-of-age film about a motorcycle journey of two friends across South America. It is a perfect example of how travel and first-hand experiences shape our thought processes and help us grow as individuals.

4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Another road trip, directed by Zoya Akhter, takes you across the length of Spain as three friends embark on a wish list of adventure and romance. The narration interwoven by amazing poetry and scenic beauty will inspire any travelling soul to hit the road and experience life as it should be.

5. Eat Pray Love

Directed by Ryan Murphy and starring the mesmerizing Julia Roberts, the film is based on the memoirs of Elizaeth Gilbert. It is the story of a woman out to search the meaning of her life when she realizes that all her life has been a series of bad relationships. A classic for those who love some “Me” time. It takes you across Italy, India and Indonesia as the adventurous lady embarks on a methodical journey to satiate her hunger, mind and love.

6. Queen

Directed by Vikas Bahl and starring the quirky and talented Kangana Ranaut, this film is a must watch for female travellers. With a broken heart, Rani decided to go on her honeymoon alone to her dream destination Paris. It is when she meets new people, she realizes her own worth and the importance of self-love. She also harnesses her business acumen and returns a strong independent woman. This is a must watch for every Indian girl who wants to overthrow the yoke of patriarchy.

7. The Fall

This adventure fantasy film, directed by Tarsem Singh, is highly recommended by yours sincerely for anyone who things travel is as amazing as magic. It begins in Los Angeles in 1915, when a desolate suicidal man begins to tell a story to a young girl, and she uses her imagination to embark on her own special journey with the story. The filming locations take the viewer from Namibia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey and India, as we travel through the story.

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Watch these films to get bitten by the travel bug. Put all you need in a bag pack and hit the road for a new story.

What are your favorite travel films. Tell us in the comments below.

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