7 Destinations In India For The History Buff

On this Independence Day, here is a list of destinations in India to relive history.


The land of India has a rich history, dating back to the beginning of civilization. While we all read about history in our books, there are some mesmerizing destinations in India that take us back in time, and fill us with pride about our rich culture and heritage.

So move beyond the jingoism of one day, and get immersed in India’s wondrous past at these places.

1. Lothal

A part of the earliest civilization on Earth, and India’s first dockyard in the Harappa and Mohenjodaro settlement, this piece of history is found in Gujarat. It was a thriving centre of trade, exchanging goods with West Asia and Africa in 3700 BC. It is preserved well by the Archeological Survey of India. You can also visit other sites in the state like Dholavira.

(Image credits: www.harappa.com)

2. Hampi

In the state of Karnataka, this town is preserved in its entirety as it were built by the Vijayanagar kings. Easily accessible by rail and road this town carries a world of history within its precints. The Virupaksha temple and Queen’s bath, an old Jain temple by a trader in the King’s court, the winding Tunghabhadra river and many other architectural wonders make this a must on the bucket list of every history lover.

(Image credits: www.indiasomeday.com)

3. Delhi

Apart from the Red Fort and the Humayun’s tomb, this city is full of traces of history on every street corner and cranny. With overlaps of history right from Gupta age to the Mughal era to the British rule, this city is alive and pumping history through its veins. Amidst the bustling traffic and pulsing politics, a history buff will enjoy the hidden traces of history if he looks well and deep.

(Image credits: www.culturalindia.net)

4. Jaipur

The Nahargarh fort in the north west corner overlooks the entire city, rich in Rajputana pride. The best remnant from history, beyond the palaces, is Jantar Mantar. It is built by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, and is evidence of India’s rich history in scientific endeavor.

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5. Bhimbetka, MP

These rock shelters are an evidence of earliest life in the Indian subcontinent. With rock paintings that are 30,000 years old, they also show India’s rich heritage of dance and culture.

(Image credits: www.wheelstreet.com)

6. Pamban Bridge

India’s first sea bridge, it connects Rameshwaram to India’s mainland. Though it looks like a conventional bridge, a double-leaf bascule section midway, which can be raised to let ships and barges pass through. Opened in 1914 under British rule, this site is a throwback to India’s technical expertise.

(Image credits: staticflickr.com)

7. Wagah

This is a modern site bordering Pakistan and reminder of India’s bloodied tryst with destiny. Every day, the guards salute each other across the border and the ambience of patriotism amidst feelings of brotherhood is a necessary message for modern India.

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So soak in history and be a proud Indian as you travel to these heritage destinations across the breadth of India.