6 Ways To Counter Road Rage

Anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot, and anyone faster is a maniac. Is that how you feel?


Have you ever cursed some other driver on the road for not following rules or overtaking you at the wrong turn? And then you realize how pointless it is? Or how embarrassing for those riding with you?

Road rage is also the reason behind many road mishaps. So save yourself some grief with these ways to overcome road rage.

Play the right music

Too heavy upbeat music can give an unnecessary adrenaline rush. It is good to sway to such music with a beer in hand, but not safe while behind the wheel. So play the right music while driving. Having fun should not compromise safety.

Loosen the grip on the gear

Being uptight or speed driven can also mess with your emotions. A simple mistake seems dramatized. And even if the other person may be apologizing, we are already half way through our curses. So calm down and breathe easy.

Plan well

Leave early and plan the ride well. Do not make mornings a whirlwind on the time machine. If you plan the ride to office or your road trip well, you can have a smooth ride without losing temper in anxiety.

Remember even if in your car, you are in public

You would not abuse a person if he cuts the line in a restaurant or movie theatre, because you know others are watching. So follow the same civic restaurants on the road. You could reply with sarcasm, as it works better than violence.

It’s not personal

All make mistakes on the road. Do not take a cut or race through personally. A simple dent can be repaired, but words one spoken cannot be taken back. So enjoy the ride without taking personal affront at every other rider.

Follow the rules

Don’t be a muggle; you have the magic wand called turn signal indicators; no point in blaming others when an incident could be avoided in first place

Road rage is the most pointless form of anger. It has no benefits, and only negative investment.