5 Ways In Which Travellers Are Different From Tourists


Are you a tourist or a traveller? It all comes down to some simple pointers like whether you carry a selfie-stick or a tripod?

Some of us are born to travel. If we do not embark on a trip every few months, we feel ourselves losing the nerve to carry on with routine life. The city begins to get suffocating and the usual friends seem to get irritating. That’s when we know that it is time to pack the bags again and get lost.

While some may prefer luxury travel with well-researched schedules and bookmarked guidebooks, some may just be rambling to meet new people, see new places and collect new stories. Which kind of a person are you? Find out in the following 5 ways that differentiate a traveller from the tourist.

1. A traveller blends in

A tourist sticks out like a sour thumb. A map in hand, a tourist will often miss out the little eccentricities and larger stories of a place, as they go hopping from one tourist attraction to next. A traveller will become one with the place. He will embrace the local traditions beyond the major attractions. He will make friends from small town and walk through the narrow lanes of large cities.

2. A traveller eats local

While the tourist will be seen carrying mineral water bottles and eat only at certain outlets, the traveller will not waver from trying the local cuisine and home cooked food by the aunty next door. He will try to learn about the local cooking traditions and customs. You will often find him talking to the cook or the local vegetable vendor.

3. A traveller dresses for comfort

While the tourist packs his bag with luxury clothing for some awesome selfies to post on their Facebook and Instagram wall, the traveller dresses according to the weather of the place. He is willing to go out of his comfort zone in food and commute, but strictly dresses within his comfort zone.

4. Travellers bargain for the best deals on local crafts

While the tourist is out collecting souvenirs and gifts for those back home, the traveller will keep a look out for more than fridge magnates. His shelf is probably cluttered with local handicrafts, textile, charms and obscure totems. And what’s more, is that the traveller walks the extra mile to get the best quality and the best price.

5. Travellers rely on instinct and do not mind walking a lone path

Tourists travel in company. Travellers go out on their instinct. They follow their hearts on paths less travelled, even if it means going on solo-trips with books and music for company. You can also read here about interesting reads for travellers. They can often be seen in inconspicuous cafes, sipping wine and enjoying the view.

While it is fun to travel even as a tourist, the charms of a traveller are far greater. So next time you want to escape the city, hit the road as a rambler.

What do you think is better, tourist or traveller? Share your views in the comments below.

(Image credits- media.giphy; pixabay)