5 Ways To Stay Calm During Air Turbulence

Having a small Sully moment in air? Here is how to keep your nerves.


Even if you are not an anxious flier, air pockets and bad weather can range from annoying to scary, so many miles above ground. While some may start praying, others may seem not bothered at all. But you can definitely do some things to get over the hurdle calmly.

Here are certain tricks to survive turbulence.

1. Use the cabin crew as parameter of anxiety. If they seem calm about it, there may be no reason to worry. And get your seat up from a recliner position. This helps to feel in control and calmer.

2. Get yourself distracted with a book or music. Try some tricks like writing your name with your non-dominant hand. These will help you spend the time without getting anxious.

3. Another potent way to keep calm is to talk to your co-passenger. If they are anxious too, don’t escalate the tension. But try to pacify them as this will boost your confidence too. One can help others only when one is strong enough, and this works well here.

4. Breathing exercises also help. Breathe in for 4 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds. Breathing into a barf bag also helps to steady nerves.

5. Raise your feet above the ground. This will reduce the vibrations and calm the sensations down. This will reduce the effect of turbulence.


(Image credits: youtube, pinterest)

Most important thing is to go with the flow. Remember how Meg Ryan got distracted when Kevin Kline started talking to her, and forgot her fear of flying in the film French Kiss. Most fear is only in the mind, and we can reduce anxiety by acknowledging that.