5 Must Have For Women Traveling Alone

Stay protected from creeps while traveling


One of the really good things about travelling as often as I do is that it helps me get ready and out and about within no time at all.

Ask me to head out somewhere, by any means, and you’ll see me ready and excited.

All this to and fro has taught me a bit of how to travel smart and light.

Today I’ll share 5 things I always carry to make the journey easier. In another story some other time, I’ll tell you my hacks to pack light, which makes the travel part really easy and still lets me look all ready and stylish when I am at the destination.

Your charger or power bank

This is definitely one of the most important things you need to take along with you, maybe even more important than your wallet. If you don’t have money handy you’ll still be able to reach somewhere and find a way to arrange something. Without a functioning phone, you’re cut off from others and that’s dangerous.

Tampons or sanitary napkins depending on preference

Whether it’s a road trip or a quick flight, having your stash always helps in case of a sudden ‘date.’ Also, unless you’re traveling with your girlfriends, you may not be able to borrow it from your fellow passengers.

Deepika Padukone
Headphones let you block out irritating conversations of fellow passengers or eavesdrop without being obvious.

Image Credit: fasheo


Never forget these! Never. There’s no limit to the number of times they have saved me from irritating passengers. Even if you’re not really listening to anything, you can always put them in and pretend that you can’t hear them. And yes, if you really want to eavesdrop, they are your ‘bud’dies. Just saying 😉

Pee safe

We all know the level of hygiene our public toilets are capable of, so please make sure to pop in a can of a toilet seat sanitizer. Use any brand of your choice, but just make sure to carry along.

Protein bars

Okay, these are not really something you can’t travel without, but it’s always handy to have something to munch on when you’re hungry, without feeling guilty. The best part is they will keep you full without making you feel bloated and you won’t have to waste time for a sit down meal.

These apart, make sure to carry multiple copies of your tickets and identity proof and always a small notebook with important numbers, just in case you cannot access your phone but still need to make a call from somewhere.

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