5 Ideas To Make Your Travel More Romantic

easy tips to make your trip more romantic.

5 Ideas To Make Your Travel More Romantic

If you are in Paris, and busier with your camera than your partner, something is wrong. If you are with the right partner, a simple trip to the beachside or a park can be very romantic. The most important ingredient on a romantic trip is to be with the right person.

Having said this, you can always aim to make your partner happier, and plan out an amazing trip. In the movie Zindagi Na MilegiDobara, Hritik went on the trip most reluctantly, but had a life changing experience after meeting Katrina. There are some things you can do just right to make your partner feel more special.

Here are 5 things to make your travel more romantic.

Live in the present

Don’t bring your work pressure to the trip. Talking about your project, complaining about your boss or discussing investment plans for the future with your partner are all fine, but the trip is neither the place or the time for this. You can talk of how childhood stories, share special experiences and secrets to make the person feel more special and that you really care about them.

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Mind what you speak

If we are too comfortable with our partners, often we take them for granted. On a trip, mind your language and body postures to specially them that you care and are happy to be with them. It does not make sense that one person remains sulking in the room, and the other enjoys the free bar.

The right arrangements

You need to be lodged in a luxurious spa or bed and breakfast. But noisy family resorts or highway motels make for rude romantic stays. It is important to make the right hotel and transport bookings to show your partner that this trip means a lot for you, and you have invested efforts. It is better to find out what your partner likes, and make arrangements likewise. A little bit of research can go a long way in romance.

Try new things

Whether it is calligraphy or weaving baskets, or trying the local markets, trying new things together can enhance the experience for both. It is fun and makes you feel closer when both learn something new together. Like watching the opera is considered the most romantic scene in DilChahta Hai.

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Special gifts

Nothing makes for more romantic gesture than gifting a present to your partner. A souvenir on a beachside dinner or present on the mountain top, these are moments that they will remember forever.

Go the extra mile to make your trip more romantic and memorable.