Why You Shouldn’t Mix Sex With Friendship

The complications and the problems that come with it may not make the sex that worth it after all

Why you shouldn’t mix sex with friendship
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There’s a reason why the term ‘friends with benefits’ has the word ‘benefit’ in it.

For most of the young adults who end up getting those benefits with their friends, nothing could be easier.

Picture this – you’re both having drinks and feeling good about the entire friendship and spending time with each other, and what better way to give this wonderful feeling a boost than to also throw in some sex in it, right?

It could be anything that could make it feel like a great choice at the moment and lead up to it:

  • You both are bored
  • You haven’t had sex in quite some time
  • You want to see how it will be to have sex with this person you have been friends with for so long
  • You want to have sex without any attachment issues

If you’re thinking this is going to be easy, just because you’re planning to have sex with a friend who you already know and are comfortable with, maybe you need to give it another thought.

The big problem here is that almost in all the cases, unless both of you are really absolutely in it just for the sex of it, and will not be attaching any meaning to the act at all (which in most of the cases does not happen though), your friendship will definitely go in for a change.

The sexual tension between the two friends completely changes their friendship
The sexual tension between the two friends completely changes their friendship

Image Credit: Movie – Loev

If you’ve watched the 2015 movie Loev, which is currently streaming on Netflix, two friends meet after a long time, and the sexual tension between the two leads to an entirely different shift in their friendship and overall relationship.

In the story, one of the protagonists, who is already seeing someone and living together, meets up with a friend after a long time, and both head out for a weekend together to spend time as good friends and recreate their earlier easy lives. However, as the movie progresses, the tension between the two comes to the fore and ends up causing irreparable damage to the friendship.

So what are the possible pitfalls of falling in together in bed with your friend?

  • If it is just because of the alcohol, the morning after can be extremely awkward.
  • One of you may develop feelings, even when you both say that is not something that will happen. This can cause pressure on the other one who does not want a relationship at all.
  • If one of the friends is in a relationship with someone else, it could later lead to guilt that can ruin the friendship.
  • You’re both going to see a side of each other that you never properly knew existed. It can be really difficult to get that image out of your head and get back to just being friends again.

Also, once you or the friend actually start dating or get into a relationship, it could lead to feelings of jealousy that can prove fatal for your friendship.

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