Why Is It Healthy To Date Someone From A Different Caste

Worry about the connection of the heart and not the caste of your partner

Why Is It Healthy To Date Someone From A Different Caste
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Yes, you might freak your parents, relatives and friends out when you reveal to them that you are dating someone from a different caste. However, that should not stop you from dating a person with whom you feel emotionally connected. Dating or marrying someone from another caste actually comes with a lot of merits.

Respect Each Other’s Culture And Religion

Being with someone you love naturally cultivates a mutual respect of culture and religion of the other caste. Thus, their rituals and norms find a place in your life, as you respect them. These definitely brings in a harmony in a relationship.

Learn New Things

You will get to learn a bunch of new things that you always looked an answer for. There is someone who can explain those with logic, and surely they will know it better than Wikipedia! Also, where else would you get such a ‘loving’ teacher to learn new things?

Widen Your Outlook And Ideas

Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput depicted a beautiful inter-caste relationship in PK
Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput depicted a beautiful inter-caste relationship in PK

Image Credit: Movie – PK

Dating someone from another caste lets you both opening your mind up to new ideas and concepts. You start accepting things from the other person’s culture and they do not seem as alien to you, as before. Things that you might not have tried in all these years, can start making sense as you open your horizon of the mind. Your thoughts and perspectives will no longer be limited. Not only will it be just your partner’s religion and culture, you will slowly start respecting all cultures and religion, and not look down upon anyone.

You Get More Festivals To Celebrate Together

If you are seeing a person from another caste, the two of you just doubled your celebration days and time. While most of your friends get only festivals from one religion to celebrate, you and your partner will have more. Being able to celebrate a festival from another culture will be something new and exciting for you.

Different Food To Taste

Ahh, how could we leave out food? Talk about food, and aren’t there so much variety when you are ready to try food from the other culture? All caste and cultures have a different cuisine of their own, and they boast of some of the most delicious dishes. Dating inter-caste will ensure that you have all the delicacies of the other caste. You can hit off restaurants that you never have been to before. Or even if you did, you might not have ordered a particular dish. Now, with your beloved by your side, you can try those lip smacking dishes.

Do not step back from dating someone who is of another caste. Be glad because not many of us get that opportunity to date someone from a different caste. It is pure joy to date anyone with whom you feel connected, irrespective of their caste and culture.

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