Why Do We Lean To The Right When We Kiss?

Did you know why you and your partner bend your heads to the right when kissing?


A kiss is a touch of warmth, affection, love and tenderness. We know that pissing in public in India is okay but kissing is unacceptable, but people should kiss more often, as it relieves you of stress. Having said that, and with the after effects of the Valentine’s week, with a day dedicated to Kiss still stretching its arms wide, there are quite a few things that make up a kiss.

Like the perfect weather and timing, how the man holds you when he is kissing you and how you tilt your head and close your eyes, also matter! Ever wondered why do we always tend to lean towards the right inherently when we are kissing? The same behavioral pattern has been observed in the person being kissed as well, who seems to mimic the person who is kissing. And this is something that is regardless of the fact whether you are a lefty or a righty! Is it something we inherit and imitate from media and pop culture? Or is it a natural and innate response?

Rancho finally kissed Pia in 3 Idiots, without worrying about the nose
Rancho finally kissed Pia in 3 Idiots, without worrying about the nose

Image Credit: Movie – 3 Idiots

Remember the famous confusion of Rancho in 3 Idiots regarding the nose getting in between kisses? Well we know how they dealt with it and here’s why we lean towards the right when kissing!

Doing it Right since the Evolution!

Humans since times immemorial have been showing a tendency to go right. Children also enact this. During the gestation period most fetuses turn their heads towards the right.

This directional bias is absolutely instinctive and keenly related to the way our brain functions. Various different functions are assigned to the two halves of the brain. It is especially related to the cerebral hemisphere that is on the right. The hormone levels and neurotransmitters in the two separate sphere are likely to be responsible for this tendency.

Did you know there are 23 kissing scenes in Befikre?
Did you know there are 23 kissing scenes in Befikre?

Image Credit: Movie – Befikre

So now you know why did Ranveer turn his head towards right while kissing Vani in Befikre! This will also explain why you may turn right during this beautiful act and why your partner may mimic your action to the “T”. If you are going right, you are perhaps doing it the right way. Although if you go left, it’s not exactly wrong and if your partner wants to kiss you, trust me there is no ‘right’ way to do it !

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