What Is R-Bombing? The Latest Dating Trend You Need To Know

Here's how you can deal if someone has R-bombed you!

What Is R-Bombing? The Latest Dating Trend You Need To Know
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In the past few years, we have seen how dating trends have become the new norm. If you’re single, you may need to stay abreast with most of these terms such as ghosting and now R-bombing.

The interesting thing about R-bombing is that as an act it is probably not the newest move and most of us have already been a victim of it in our lives.

So what does R-bombing mean? Well, it is when your date or partner simply reads your messages but stops responding to them. They don’t block you, they don’t delete your number and even read your messages but send no affirmation or response to them.

Reasons For R-Bombing Someone:

Don't wait up for someone's response days after they have read your messages
Don’t wait up for someone’s response days after they have read your messages

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In most cases, people are afraid or hesitant to convey a ‘no’ and hence feel that ignoring the person may be the best thing to do. This is one of the most common reasons why people R-bomb others.

Dating coach James Preece told The Independent. “It’s very similar to ghosting, only you have no doubts they have got your message. You’ll be confused and wonder why they aren’t responding. The truth is that the other person doesn’t want to meet but doesn’t want to hurt you by explicitly saying so.”

R-bombing creates a vicious cycle, if you are a victim of it, you will find yourself stalking the person on social media just to check if they are active elsewhere and have chosen to ignore you. What with apps like WhatsApp showing you a person’s online status, it can be extremely hurtful to see someone neglect you directly and it can take a toll on your mental health. Victims of R-bombing are often known to have faced self-esteem issues.

How To Deal With Being R-Bombed:

  • One of the simplest ways to deal with it by moving on and not letting the person cause you any discomfort.
  • Maintain your self-respect and back off at the right time. Pursuing this person further will only cause you harm.
  • Remove the person from your social media to get over them sooner without going through an emotional trauma.

Don’t unintentionally R-bomb someone. It is best to have a healthy conversation and let the other person know if things are not working out.