Two Ways To Have An Argument With Your Date And Still Continue Dating

it's possible to balance both here's how

Two ways to have an argument with your date

An argument with your lover while you are still in the dating phase may not necessarily spell doom for your future prospects.

In fact, once you learn how to argue properly with the person you are dating, it can do good for both the partners to properly put across your own point of view and come to an arrangement that works out for you both.

According to a research done at the University of California, those couples who argue have a better chance of staying together for longer.

So here are two sure shot ways in which you can ‘argue’ with your date but still hold on to the love.

1. Speak About Your Disagreement And Don’t Let It Simmer Inside You

A big mistake you could do in the hopes of saving your budding relationship is to not air your disagreements the moment you feel them. Many couples feel it is fine to ignore it for the time and later things will fall in place. Don’t keep talking about it but at least tell your date what you are not comfortable about. Unless you tell your date what is bothering you they will never know, and something that could have worked out may fizzle out without a chance.

2. Have An Open Mind Even If You Disagree

Beyonce and Jay Z had a very public fight while on a Sushi date
Beyonce and Jay Z had a very public fight while on a Sushi date

Image Credit: intouchweekly

You both have a point of view and the fact is that your point may not match with the person you are dating. Don’t get into the ‘I am right’ mode immediately. Be open to the idea that just as you have your own views, the person you are dating will also have an opinion. In fact, this is a good way to know your date better and understand your future compatibility.

When you are dating, you both are still new to each other, and may not always agree with each other. However, to be fair, while you may not want to always sound negative and just do what you feel like doing, create that balance where you both get a chance to do things your way, and see how it works out for you two.

Don’t make the arguments raise the heat in your relationship, use better and more interesting ways to build up the heat instead.

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