Top Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Who Is Completely The Opposite Of You

Like the night to their day!


They say that opposites attract but those who have dated or are dating someone who is completely different than then will know what a challenge that can be. However, dating someone who’s completely different from you in nature or in the choice of food, music, movies, idea of fun etc. can be a great idea. Here are some reasons why:

There will never be a dull moment in your relationship. Your relationship will always have that spark because there will be so many surprises throughout your relationship. There will be so many new things to try, things that you might never have tried before.


You might even start liking things that you didn’t like earlier. Similarly, when your SO makes the effort to try the things that you like, even though they might like it, it gives you that special feeling.

Your partner might show you a new way to look at what you think are problems and your problems might not seem that big after all. You will look at things in a different perspective.

It will be fun to watch different kinds of movies, shows and listen to music you probably didn’t enjoy earlier, and who knows you might just start liking them.

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Chances are you might never have to share your favorite food with your SO. You might not have to fight over that last piece of chocolate that you love because he/ she doesn’t like it at all.

Just like the Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy, which are two halves that together complete wholeness, two totally different people in a relationship can work like a boon for that relationship.