Tips to moonwalk out of drunk-texting situations.


Shit happens as often as love. But then a certain amount of wit can come to your rescue. We aren’t talking about messages sent to friends involving spelling mistakes and alien words like “wrehty r you” or “imv havbinkg a rockinjg tyjme”. These are mistakes that friends will instantly forgive you for. If they don’t, you damn well remove them from your Facebook list.

Coming to the messages that give you the chills early in the morning; the real drunk-texting. You only know the seeds you’ve sown when you get up and feel your phone turn heavy. Well, nothing’s guaranteed but you can try a few tips.

Don’t fret

The first sign of being guilty is to react impatiently or act frantic. The more you defend yourself, the more foolish you’ll look. Act cool. Believe that it was God’s command and you obeyed. So ‘sorry’ isn’t the best of the starts. In short, be ‘un-fuckn-apologetic’.

Laugh it off

The person opposite has already judged you. In case you’ve offended them, you’re in for a thunderstorm. And the only thing that can clear the skies is a joke. No kidding!

It’s cool to make mistakes and even cooler when you openly share them. Add a situation or two and tell them what possibly could’ve made you type the message. A shot of creativity should suffice.

We played truth-n-dare and this was my dare.

We played chat-roulette and well, you were a victim. We should try this sometime. It’s fun.

I was so drunk, I almost asked my father for a new will. For the sake of mankind, please ignore the message.

Turn the tables

When it comes to your crush, alcohol raises your risk-taking ability without your permission. If you’ve boldly messaged them that you have feelings for them, you can leave it on luck. But it’s good to play safe too.

If their reply is positive, you’re the one with a golden touch. Bless you!

If they haven’t replied for a long time, then try turning the tables. Just tell them – it was meant for someone else!

Wait, what?!

Yup. It often happens that post your message, your crush feels important. They know you have the hots for them. But sometimes, a subtle ego-shock is necessary. It’s good to lose people than to lose face.

Sorry it wasn’t meant for you, it’s this person named (just make up a sexy name).

Steve Harvey - Sorry. The Crown Doesn't Belong To You.

Suddenly the ball’s in their court. Everything in their mind, dismantled to pieces. Their anger is now totally directed to this new person. You’ll do no less than ‘Steve Harvey’ and for a change, it will be life-saving.