Tinder The Right Way. Here’s How

Make them want to know you

Tinder The Right Way. Here's How
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It is almost impossible that you have not once in your life ventured the world of Tinder. Believe it or not, it is THE place to find you your dates. The most commonly used dating app comes with its own share of happiness and failures. Happiness is for when you get matched, and failures are for when you just keep trying. For those who are still trying, here are 5 very important tips-

Your Bio Will Decide Your Future Chemistry

HEY BUT YOU DO, ACTUALLY!! It’s about you.
HEY BUT YOU DO, ACTUALLY!! It’s about you.

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You know how everything is interconnected in science. It is, but here Bio is your biography and not Biology. Your Bio in the Tinder profile is very crucial. You cannot keep it too long and bore your potential date. You can keep it too short and make them feel you don’t care. You must strike the middle chord here. It’s basically your opportunity to tell your potential matches what you’re looking for and who you are. Just write what’s true.

Connect Tinder With Your Social Media

Give them more material to look at and take a more informed decision.
Give them more material to look at and take a more informed decision.

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Not only connecting to social media like Instagram keeps your profile up to date but it also can be a great conversation starter. You can know each other way better by looking at each other’s social media profile. Your posts, your pictures talk a lot about you! More pictures means more matches, trust me.

The Opening Lines

Make them want to know you.
Make them want to know you.

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Please please do not just say a “Hi”. How dull is that? Be a conversation starter. Try not to over think and just engage with them. Saying something that makes them feel you actually read their bio and watched all their photos, it works like magic. Always show that you are interested in knowing them and be very respectful.

Don’t Let Things Dry Up

You always have the ropes in your hands during a conversation. It is on you to pull those ropes or let go, whenever required. Take your potential date on an interesting conversational ride and make them feel like you are comfortable with them. This will help you take your conversation to the next stage- the meeting. Also, use GIFs. They are cute and have the potential of expressing you better. Be witty.

Be Genuine

It is very important that you always be yourself and not pretend to be someone you are not. You can never hope to make a connection with the person you’ve just matched with if you begin your relationship on pretence. Be very honest with them. Tell them what made you right swipe. Tell them what you like. Do not go overboard and tell too much in your first few conversations. Actually, just go with the flow!

What Women Look For:

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What Men Look For:

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