Three Ways To Make Sex More Intimate And Romantic

Sex done right can create magic

3 Ways To Make Sex More Intimate and Romantic

The mistakes we mostly do when it comes to sex is that, we just end up in bed and do it. The most important aspect of sex is that it is not a start-stop action. You need to build the excitement and keep it going. It is an ongoing process.

Talk About Sex

Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor rocked it in the movie Befikre in the intimate scenes
Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor rocked it in the movie Befikre in the intimate scenes

Image Credit: Movie – Befikre

The problem is that, sex remains a taboo for many till date. It still remains a behind-closed-doors activity that is not talked about otherwise. Sex should be talked about. Even before you get intimate, talk about it with your partner. Know what they want or expect. There can be certain things that they might not be comfortable with. Talk about them and keep them in mind, while you make love. Doing things that your partner does not like will never make sex intimate and romantic. The mental bond and connection is what will make it worthwhile.

Foreplay And After-the-action-play Are Important

The importance of foreplay is known to all. A good session of sex will only be followed by some cuddling, caressing, kissing, fondling and more, before you actually have intercourse. What many of us skip is maintain the intimacy after the sex bit too. It is easy to wrap yourself all up right after sex, and pretend it is just a mere act of love. Keeping the intimacy going even after sex is what will strengthen your bond and make you both wait for the next time.

Compliment Each Other

A lot of people are embarrassed about their bodies, which creates a mental barrier to bare it all and enjoy sex. No one is perfect, and that should no way come in the way of good sex. Your partner just needs the assurance of them being the best to you. If you compliment them about their body or their lingerie or clothes, that will make a huge difference in their level of confidence. That will make them come out of their shell and make love in the best way possible.

It is a medically proven fact that sex boosts health and mind alike. Indulge in sex to destress, and create a stronger bond with your partner. So, get the ball rolling without any inhibitions when you get intimate with your partner.

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