Three Disturbing Things About Dating Apps You Probably Didn’t Know

Really, did you think you know it all?

Three Disturbing Things About Dating Apps You Probably Didn't Know
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Are you reading this in a public place and on a shared Wi-Fi? Are you generally careful about keeping your personal information safe and your dating preferences a secret?

If you are part of any dating apps, here are three things that could probably be creeping into your profile, and information, right now.

The Apps Know More About You Than You Think

One of the scariest truths about dating apps is that they’re always creeping in on you, and eating into your privacy. Most dating apps don’t stop at collecting information about your basic profile. They know what types of images or profiles you’re interested in, what your location is when you’re chatting or browsing through other profiles, how much time you wait on each profile and so on.

Most Of These Can Easily Be Hacked

Not so private anymore
Not so private anymore

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Did you know that it is, in fact, possible for someone with the know-how to actually hack these dating apps, and very easily extricate all the information that is stored there about its users, including all the details on you and what you do on the app? In fact, if someone does hack in, they can easily access data on who all you messaged, what conversations you had, who all you met and so on.

Beware Of Shared Wi-Fi

Have you ever logged on to a dating app when you were at a public place and were using a random and unknown shared Wi-Fi? In fact, this can be a major breach of trust for you. A lot of dating apps do not have any form of image file encryption, which means that your choice of profiles and who all you are looking at is not that much of a secret. When you are using a dating app on a shared Wi-Fi, it is very possible that any other user, who is also on the same Wi-Fi, can check out all the profiles that you are showing an interest in.

Were you planning to get on a shared Wi-Fi after this and visit your preferred dating app? Just remember what we just spoke about.