This Could Mean You’re In A Love Triangle

How to spot the signs of the triangle before it’s too late!

This Could Mean You’re In A Love Triangle
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On screen, it seems like people suddenly realize they are caught in a love triangle. But if it were to happen in real life, say to you, chances are you will already have an inkling before you get in too deep.

Let’s say you’re A, who is in love with B, and B is in love with A. But suddenly there now a third one called C, who could get into a situation of A liking C or B liking C!


Of course – that’s what a love triangle is all about, isn’t it? Loads of confusion and loads of drama.

So if you’re really trying to save yourself all the unnecessary mess and drama and melodrama, spot these signs and steer clear, that is, if you really want to.

One Frequent Name On The Caller ID

When you are already dating someone, chances are, that is the person you will mostly be talking or texting with, and that will be the name most frequently popping up on your caller ID or in your chat list. But is there another name that shows up too often? If you are spending way too much time talking or chatting to someone else, on an almost daily basis – red flag!

The Ex Is Always Around

Unless you can do it like Deepika Padukone, stay away from the ex
Unless you can do it like Deepika Padukone, stay away from the ex

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It could be your ex or the ex of the person you are dating, but if this ‘ex’ seems to be around too often, not a good sign. Also, if this ex happens to know every single detail about what is going on between you and the person you are actually dating, it’s NOT a good sign!

You Thought About ‘That’ Person While Having Sex!

Oh no! Did you just do that? No we are definitely not judging you, but if you have been thinking about that ‘someone else’ while you are with the person you are dating, or, well, even when you have been having sex maybe, then do we really need to spell out what it is that is happening here?

Listen, when you’re getting into a love triangle, you will actually kind of already know it. But what you do about it is a different story altogether, isn’t it?

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