The “no strings attached relationship” now-a-days; drawbacks and benefits.

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As we are moving faster than a metro train in our so called techno lives, somewhere we are lacking in keeping up with our relationships. Whereas nowadays finding a suitable partner from a dating sites, evening parties or through some friends or colleagues is not a task now- a -days. Once we get into a relationship with someone we try our best to impress and make a perfect impression on that person. Sometimes, let’s be frank we fake it and there are possibilities the other person is doing likewise. What happens then is we fail to recognize and evaluate those prominent qualities which we may dislike in future. This results in a separation with our partner eventually, if some conflicts occur because of those things. In the meanwhile, search for another partner better and comparatively suitable starts again.

Let’s first see its benefits-
Getting rid of an abusive relationship-

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If we are having an abusive relationship, we easily get out of that relationship as there are less commitments in such relationships. And we can move on for good without affecting ourselves more, emotionally.

Less expectations-

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We have often seen, more the committed relationship is more there are expectations; it’s a burden basically. But now a day’s young generation prefer being less attached and live their lives independently and thus, they have less expectations comparatively. It encourages them to maintain their respective space and sometimes maintain a good relationship.

Let’s have a look at its drawbacks-

Feeling of isolation-

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Because of these short term commitments, we eventually start feeling isolated as that void remains inside us and subsequently we may get depressed for some time. Repeated isolation leads to depression in meanwhile.

Lack of self-confidence-

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As time goes by we may start blaming ourselves for the failure of our relationships which is not good for our mental health; criticising and blaming ourselves for something unknowing may shatter us deep down.

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It is a primary need of every person to have somebody to love, care and share. Love adds magic in our lives. If we put in efforts and genuinely appreciate each other and accept each other beyond our flaws love relationships can work out. It takes immense gratitude and feeling of compassion towards each other to make it work. I wish you all get your loving partners somewhere in your infinite world.