The Mystery Of Living With Indian Parents

The situations all of us have faced some time or the other being

The Mystery Of Living With Indian Parents

Most parents today are understanding and forward thinking but there are some who still make life difficult for their children not because they want to but because they don’t think alike or relate to each other. While there are many other reasons why parents it could be due to the different situations they might have been in or the upbringing they might have had.

However it can get frustrating sometimes. Here are some situations we often have to deal with when it comes to living with Indian parents


Somehow, Indian parents and sleepovers don’t gel together. Every teen movie gives high hopes to girls about how they could spend their night with their girlfriends in pink satin pyjamas, painting each other’s nails. Maybe parents assume too much and runs their imagination wild on what girls may do when let alone, but this is same as dads assuming sons will drive their cars like Rohit Shetty movies! So if you seek you mom’s approval for a sleepover, try softening the blow, but first having one in your own house, when they are around.

The Head to Toe Coverage

Sitting at home most parents are open to their daughters wearing whatever they feel like, but the minute any talk of leaving the house happens, it all changes. Suddenly, regardless of the weather being hot enough to roast chicken, the poor girls are layered with anything that will cover their skin- shorts are a strict no. Maybe it would help if you sit down and reason with them or also tell them how it’s the mindset of the people that needs to change more than your dressing!


The average white girl would normally be able to leave the house at 7pm on any day, whether it’s just for a party or just to hang out with a friend. The only way a brown girl will cross the white girl is because her deadline would be 7pm. Even a minute later would be a sit-down discussion about curfews, and maybe even grounding. While most parents worry because of the changing times and also the number of horrifying incidents we hear about in the news,it is important you tell them where you are or who you are with honestly. Keep them informed about where you are partying and don’t go overboard on the drinking and make sure you are with a gang of friends you and your parents know and can trust.

There’s a Liam Neeson from Taken in every parent. Keep them informed!
There’s a Liam Neeson from Taken in every parent. Keep them informed!

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Indian families are beyond big. In fact, big is not even the correct word to describe it. It’s an understatement. There comes the inevitable time when your parents drag you to see aunties and uncles and random relatives you didn’t know were even related to you. Apparently, these people changed your diapers as a baby, or visited every week. Funny, you should’ve remembered them then. The highlight of the visit is always them having to pull your cheeks. It sure is annoying when they do that! But it’s nice to be in touch with family once in a while. Like Karan Johar stresses in his films, love your family!


When you are one year old, you meet your future husband. By the time you are three, the dates of marriage are fixed. Reaching five, your kids names are decided. Reaching adolescence, bringing a boyfriend home is not even an option because it results in your parents asking the boyfriend why he’s even trying when their daughter’s marriage is already fixed.While you might think this happens only in smaller towns, that’s not true! It happens sometimes even in the modern big cities. While this is a difficult situation, you can put your foot down sometimes and make them see that getting married in today’s times is not the only solution but it’s important for everyone to stand on their feet and be self sufficient. While they can still guide you, tell them how important it is to be compatible with your partner.

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