Signs That Say Your Live-In Relationship Is In Trouble And Here’s How To Fix Them

Judging whether Your Live-in Relationship is Working Out

Sings That Says Your Live - In Relationship Is In Trouble And Here's How To Fix Them

Remember as teens we thought live in relationships were the coolest? We couldn’t wait to grow up and live with the love of our life. Now that you finally have it, is it everything that you have ever wanted? Or is it nothing like you hoped it would be?

Living with someone – as amazing as that sounds can be a little tricky too. What if they have poor taste in food? Or music?Or anything really. What do you do then? Here is a checklist for you to know if your live in relationship is in trouble, and what to do to save it. Read on and you can thank us later.

If you are talking at each other than to each other

Although conflict is not necessarily always negative, if you are having arguments on the smallest of issues like dry cleaning and wet towels on the bed regularly that eventually accentuates and ends up being about everything but dry cleaning and wet towels on bed, then you need to watch out. Don’t talk at each other, communication is the key to any relationship and it has to be transparent. Also, no one should tolerate anything that verges on hysteria and abuse, be it verbal or physical. You need to work on your relationship if the only conversations you have ended up being argumentative or contemptuous.

Coming home late everyday is not cool

Coming home late everyday is not cool

Remember how the smallest tiffs between Nick (Saif Ali Kan) and Amber (PreityZinta) turned into bitter fights in the Bollywood romantic comedy “Salaam Namaste”? If your partner has been coming home late and you stay up and wait then it’s not working out. It doesn’t translate to infidelity but something is surely wrong, if your partner likes spending time out of home than inside with you. You better fix it with either a fancy meal or good sex maybe. You can confront him directly but in a way that’s not nagging.

Is your apartment your hangout den on weekends?

It’s great if you guys are spending a lot of time together, but its catastrophic if you have no social life whatsoever. Wanting to be with each other especially in the honeymoon phase is only natural. But don’t let your world revolve around your partner. Any relationship needs a lot of space to breathe and grow, else it is likely to choke and suffocate. Give time to your friends, go out to pubs, grab a few drinks. Weekends are not meant to be spent sober!

Sleeping in different rooms?

This is clearly not acceptable. It’s one thing if you guys are having a fight and someone has to sleep on the couch. But if you are sleeping in different rooms and the sexual chemistry is dead, then it’s clearly not working out. If your partner makes up excuses for every time you want to have sex, you should know something is wrong. If that red lingerie fails to do the trick, you better confront him before its too late!

If you have stopped doing the things you like because of the other person’s lingering and overpowering presence, you need to take a step back. If you order his favorite dish, and listen to his favorite music, or read his favorite books then you have lost yourself! You are a long way from finding that person as well. Why would you ever want to be with someone who doesn’t let you be yourself? Look out for these signs and work on it as soon as possible.

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